You are the Storm. How to stop doubting yourself.

Updated: May 5

Belief is a powerful tool, it literally is what shapes your life. Only when we truly believe in something we begin to question the world, we question everything we’ve been taught. And when we question, we evolve, we may cause an uproar and we unlock the indefinite potential of our minds and the wild spirit of our souls.

The real questions is what do you believe in, and how are you going to choose to believe?

Just as power tools, the greater the power, the worse the impact when misplaced. Believing in the strength of your spirit can transform your world and transport you to a path of greatness. On the other hand, believing in self-doubt and fear can bind your potential into imaginary yet seemingly indestructible shackles, holding you back from your pure potential and the life you desire to live.

You can be the most enlightened and aware person you know of, and you can still be enslaved by the teeny voice inside your head whispering the bitter “you can’t” and “what ifs” time and again. Little off-putting things that you probably won’t say to someone else consciously, you end up ingraining in your own psyche.

The monster that fuels your self-doubt eventually flares up and stops you from taking the leap of faith towards being the phenomenal version of yourself. Your pure potential.

Every time you try, there’s a but…

Every time you come ahead to take the stand and address the crowd, there is a “don’t make a fool out of yourself, stand down.”

Every time you pick the pen, there is an “if it fails, it’s going to come and haunt you later.”

Every time you extend to shake a hand, there is a “this person doesn’t find you worthy of the position you behold.”

Every time you try to push back, there is a “perhaps you are overreacting. Don’t make a fuss.”

Every time we try to say no, there is an “A bit of adjustment has never done any harm.”

Every time you say yes, there’s a “wow! Way to look needy.”

So, you stop. You stop trying. You stop moving. You stop speaking. You stand back with slouched shoulders and just go along with your life like it’s the broken record on loop. You stand like a the small hurt child in the corner. We freeze in fear, we become a deer in headlights.

This is when you step into your own potential, this is when you remember there is no storm strong enough to contain your will. Remember you are the storm, even better you are the calm in the storm.

First step? Embrace the uneasiness. Whisper back. Tell yourself that doubt is a natural part of being a human. It’s a defense mechanism protecting you from making grave mistakes, and that’s how it should be. It is part of our primal makeup.

Don’t let fear rob you of what courage may reward you with. Your doubts are only as strong as you let them be. Give your fear and voice of doubt a name, and eliminate the fear of the unseen. Replace the negative chatter with positive chatter, when you embrace that you are in control of this I promise you, it's a game changer.

Your tribe decides your vibe. So, make sure you are surrounded by people who are believers and dreamers. People who constantly push you to do better and the best. And if you have any who resemble the green monster in your head, steer clear of them. As my best friend says, “show me the five people you hang out with, I will show you your future”.

And remember, you are the storm and even better the CALM in the storm.

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