When in doubt, throttle out…

Updated: May 11

The last time I was on a dirt bike it ended up in the trees and I ended up sliding across the gravel road. Let’s just say I did not “throttle out”. I for sure hit the brake and throttle at the same time, which is very confusing to the dirt bike and well to life. Brake and gas will end up a bloody mess with very confusing signals. It makes me think of all the times we hit the breaks when the best move is to go for it. Like when you are skiing and speed check before the jump, when truthfully you should just launch and grow wings on the way down, or when you need to give the boat a little gas to get over the wake, you don’t stop and hope the wake will go over you, you accelerate through it. Or when you want to make that big move in work, life, relationships, so many times we hit the brakes when your best bet is,

“when in doubt throttle out”…

Go for it, take the leap, stop hitting the breaks, trust.

I was recently introduced to the phrase “when in doubt throttle out” from a girlfriend of mine who rides dirt bikes. She told me this phrase after we had a conversation about some scenarios playing out in my life. I was in my head, and afraid to go for it, the “voices” were in the way, until she shared that phase with me. She said “it goes against what we know, what we are told", to put the brakes on, to hold back, to tread lightly. It might be the new phrase I live by. I have put the brakes on time and time again, trying to avoid pain, disappointment, hurt, and failure, when really what I have found is in the times I “throttle out” even if it does not work out, I went for it. I let my heart guide me,

I was brave, I had courage, and most of all I had the

wind at my back pushing me forward.

That's what happens when we trust, and make a choice, like hitting the gas, we go forward.

I will tell you that day on the dirt bike if I had not hit the brake, and given it gas I probably would have been able to ride out that corner, I would not have been thrown across the gravel and stuck again in my tracks. I would have kept the wind at my back and the bike well upright.

So next time you are having a day, a moment, a situation ask yourself what if...

“when in doubt, throttle out” and grow your wings on the way down…

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