We are all Santa Claus...

Updated: May 11

I was practicing yoga the other night while thinking about the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a 5-year-old, and how truly special it is. How he screams “SANTA” when we see him, how he is fascinated by the joy and the magic of Christmas. Then as my mind does it starts to connect things to ask why… why do we stop believing and what happens?

More why not believe in Santa in magic, in anything is possible? Then it hit me, we stop believing in ourselves, we have been told you can’t, you're not enough, over and over and it starts to takes your magic. We stop being filled with joy and possibility, when the truth is as adults we are Santa Claus. We are filled with magic and have our own lives purpose. (just like santa) To keep the magic of Christmas going, we transform ourselves into Santa, for kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, friends kids, etc. We believe with the kids, as I do with my 5-year-old nephew because of course when he yells “SANTA”, I yell right back “SANTA” just like in Elf.(Go ahead yell SANNNNNTTAA, you know you want to) With pure joy and magic, with genuine excitement. I mean could you look at a kid, after they yell the precious “SANTA” the way they do and say “ya sorry man he’s not real”. Even the Grinch eventually believed in Santa. In magic.

It hit me the truth is we are all filled with magic, we are all Santa Claus, you just have to believe. Believe in yourself, that you can do anything you put your mind to. That you bring magic and possibility all over the world. Because to be your version of Santa you have to believe, believe in yourself, believe it’s possible. How do you think he got it done, he believed!

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense on why we pass on Santa from generation to generation. It is to pass on magic and hope. Hope that anything is possible, hope that we are all in this together, we are all here for a purpose. Your lives purpose. It seems we get older, we get told the opposite, like that’s too hard, or you can’t do that, or, or, or, when the truth is you JUST NEED TO BELIEVE. Believe you are as magical as Santa Claus every day. The truth is you are, you are literally a magic ball of electricity. Therefor you are filled with unlimited potential, filled with magic, you can accomplish anything, (like delivering toys all over the world in one night). From now I choose to believe, believe in the magic, in hope, in possibility. That it is time to deliver my God given gifts all of the world. Just like Santa.

So what about you, are you going to believe you're Santa Claus or

does staying the Grinch keep you safe and steal your magic?

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