Time to fly...

You can not hit a target you do not have. So many times, we throw rocks in the wind hoping to hit something, but that's the thing, what are you throwing at? It seems time and time again we want to set a target, a goal but think well, that's too big, I'll never achieve it, so instead of even going for it, we don't even set the goal. It ends up like we are trying to bottle the wind. Could you imagine running around in your front yard with a Mason Jar like you capture fireflies in,but instead trying to catch the wind? It would be entertaining, but it's not going to get you anywhere.

Most of us have done it at one point or another. We set a goal, we say yes, this time it's going to happen, but we don't BELIEVE we can REALLY fly. And that is key, the BELIEVING in your goal or dream, the believing you deserve it and that anything, I mean anything, is possible!

I have always said I am a dreamer with some wanderlust attachment. Like you, I dream big dreams, but it was almost like the wind passing through in my soul. I never really believed it; more I never really understood that it is the belief in the thing that makes it happen. It is the belief that you DESERVE the best, enchanting, magical life you ever imagined. It is the belief that you can fly, that gets you flying.

What do you believe in? Do you believe in magic, and anything is possible? Or do you think life is hard and nothing good ever happens? What is critical here is that you have the power to choose your belief. Trust me; I have heard every excuse in the book with that one; I have also used them. I can believe heartbreak turns into more love because the heart is a muscle, and for it to grow just like every muscle, it has to rip to grow. Or I can believe heartbreak means I am not good enough or worthy of love. I can accept that a failure at work is just a failure, or I can think a loss is a mistake and an opportunity for growth.

The choice is that you have the power to choose and be honest in a world where we think we have control; the only thing we have control over is our thoughts and actions. So what are you going to choose to believe? What will you model to your kids or your loved ones? What kind of inspiration do you want to be? Listen, I can hear you now, it's not that easy, or XYZ happened to me…I know, and I hear you. I didn't say it was easy; I am asking you to realize it is a choice; I can think all day about the things I desire, the life I am creating, how to love more, how to give more, and be the best version of myself. Or I can think the opposite. I can think about the shit that has happened and create more stories of what I don't want. It's up to you what kind of story do you want to write?

Well, I am here to tell you it's your time to fly; there are many of us flying right next to you, here to help you on the way down, here to support you. I'm telling you there is a band of angles out here, ready for you to jump. So set the goal, the dream, the big one that scares you to death at first, but then you realize EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, YOU ARE DESERVING and with every ounce of faith you have, you leap and start to fly.

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