Tie your Boots...

Updated: May 11

When I drove across the country with myself, Rosco and Waylon I took time to think about many things for my safety. Food, water, gear, protection, tools for a flat, etc. To be honest, as a woman I have to think about things a man will never have to think about, and that one thing well is men. (I am not attacking men here, it’s just physics) It's not that I can’t change my tire, it’s that I worry about the creepy guy that attacks me when he stops to “help me”, the guy at the hotel who may follow me, the shady guy at the gas station, you get it. Well, one thing I thought about on my trip, was when I was running into a gas station real quick with my boots united, laces tucked in. Then I thought well that’s dumb Nikki, what if you need to run, get away, what if you need to help and can’t because your shoes aren’t tied. So I stopped and tied my boots. That simple.

Well, this was not the case about a week ago, same boots, same thought, once again you know better tie your boots, this time on a went laces just tucked into my boots as I thought I am just running into Trader Joe's "real quick". Which I did, until the moment I left, both hands holding grocery bags and the universe once again teaching me a lesson. Well, the next thing I knew, sunglasses, groceries, and bruised ego went all over the parking lot as those untied boots, hooked on each other and took me down, I just ate it, ate it hard. A few people ran over to help, I quickly picked myself up said I was fine and to my truck, I went. That’s when the bruised ego, busted up bruised knees, and bleeding hands all came out as a cascade of pain and tears leaving me going Nikki you knew better…why didn’t you just tie your damn boots?

So many times we know better, we have been given the knowledge and continue to repeat the same painful patterns. Patterns that cause us to hurt, to get stuck, and not reach our fullest potential. Patterns that exist that we may not even realize why we do what we do. (That’s where you have to dive in) The hardest part about cycles, patterns are breaking them, and sometimes it takes the universe making us eat it on concrete, hard, to wake us up. We often call this rock bottom, hitting a wall, exhaustion, etc, that makes us wake up. Wake up to our gifts, our potential, our lessons. To go holy crap this whole time all I had to do was tie my shoes. All I had to do was stick with the project, not run from love or success, all I had to do was believe in myself, whatever your holy crap is whatever your one thing is. While eating pavement in the Trader Joes' parking lot was not my rock bottom, (Trust me I’ve been there) it was a lesson in simplicity and a reminder that I know better and I bet you do too.

You just have to get out of your way, just do one thing different, which yes,

requires work but I PROMISE you it is worth it.

It’s the 1000th time rule, sometimes we have to hear it, or do it 1000 times until we finally go “oh well shit, I get it now” it only took 1000 times! 1000 times to hear you are worthy, you are magical, you can do anything you put your mind to, you just have to believe not wish, believe. You have to repeat the new pattern over and over again to break the old one. It’s like Kung-Fu… repeat, repeat, repeat, until it is mastered. So if you find yourself eating pavement over and over, take a step back, ask yourself, what is the pattern I am repeating here, and what is the one simple fix? It is the story of play dough,( look it up) often we are one small change from making our lives work, one small change to living the life you dream of and...

Sometimes it is just as simple as tying your damn boots.

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