The day there was a tent in my bedroom…

Updated: May 11

When I was in high school I was on a really competitive dance team and it was fantastic, but the problem was I loved other things just as much, like being outside in the mountains. I loved going to camps from Girl Scouts as a kid to Young Life camps as a teen, but I’ll never forget the day there was a tent in my bedroom…

Young Life had a camp called Wilderness out in Colorado and it was a 2-week backpacking trip that I wanted to go on with every ounce of my heart and soul. But there was dance team and practice and getting ready for nationals. I couldn’t bail, not like mom and dad would let me or I wanted to, I wanted both. (Anything is possible right?)

I’ll be honest it seemed like there was no chance for Wilderness and I don’t know all the behind-the-scenes details. I just know mom and dad wanted the experience for me and they saw probably more than I did how much I wanted to go.

So then it happened I came home, to a tent in my bedroom, filled with the gear I would need for this magical life-changing trip!! They made it happen, they talked to my dance coach, they figured out the logistics, the Monet and from that moment on my life changed forever.

It was two weeks as a teenager guided through the majestical mountains of Colorado, where I carried my own pack and I remember the bruised hips from the pack, but kept going, the tears, the joy, the beauty, having to sleep “alone” (our leader was close) and most importantly the magic. It changed my life forever. I fell deeper in love with the beauty, the power, the healing of mother nature. It truly showed me where my heart is, what lights me, and the importance of living a life you love.

Almost 20 years later, you can find me outside as much as possible, doing this “new thing” people are calling Forest Bathing. AKA GET OUTSIDE! Breathe in the fresh air, talk a walk, move your body, slow down, look around. There is scientific proof that being outside, being in mother nature is not healing but preventative medicine as well.

“Five million years passed before humans evolved into what we are today. Therefore, more than 99.99% of our evolutionary history was spent in natural environments, assuming that urbanization can be defined as a postindustrial revolution development.”

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