Take it 8 seconds at a time... lessons from the rodeo! 

Life is a lot like an 8-second ride. Anything can happen. From the second a cowboy is in the shoot to the end of the 8 seconds, that bull can go right, left, up, down, and you never know which combo he is going to give on that given day. Like life, we don’t know what is ahead, what combo we are going to get on that given day, but I think there is magic in knowing anything can happen in 8 seconds, and the fun is enjoying the ride. Let’s call it an 8-second shift. In 8 seconds you can change your thinking, you can quiet your mind, you can shift in 8 seconds. When you are feeling hopeless, defeated like nothing is going to change, remember anything can happen in 8 seconds. Then you can go for 8 seconds at a time. That will add up and before you know you’ve hung on for the full ride.

So what are you doing with your daily habits, those little things that add up to be your life? You’ve been doing the work; the process is happening. Your journey is leading you to that 8-second change where all the practice has paid off. Don’t give up. Remember, anything can happen in 8 seconds. Have fun on your ride. Want to get out of your own way and start enjoying your ride, book your free 30-minute coaching session and start living the life you deserve today! ,

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