Scars are Just Stories...

One of my best friends tells her kids when they get bumps

and bruises, “It’s okay. Scars are stories.” I have heard

her say it for 10 years or so, and I always love it when she does.

How many scars do you have that are filled with stories?

I think so many times we believe scars are bad, ugly, or remind of us painful times.

What if scars remind you of how strong you are, and

how your body healed? What if scars remind you that you

are perfect as you are because they are all part of your story?

That’s the key. Scars are not your story.

They are part of it. It’s living with grit and grace.

They will never go away, and they

don’t need to. Why would you want to get rid of who you are,

what has made you, and how all your experiences have made

you the self-healing renegade you are today?

So no matter how many scars you have, where they are,

or what they are from, they are beautiful and make you, you.

What’s better than being you, scars and all?

Feeling stuck like you're stuck in the story that your scars are your story, that you are broken?

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