Rip to Heal....

Updated: May 11

When you are building muscle, fibers in the muscle rip

in order to grow. The heart is a muscle, and for it to

grow, it rips as well. It’s painful. It’s sore. It takes time to heal.

It’s hard, but remember your heart is growing.

That is the beautiful part. In your heartache, in your torment,

your heart is growing to love more. (How cool is that, so that we can LOVE MORE)

So many of us go the other way after heartbreak. We shut down. We build a

wall so no one can ever hurt us again

. Have you ever noticed how that causes more pain?

That is because it goes against what the body and heart want to do naturally.

Which is to love and be loved.

I know that at the moment, it feels like the pain is never

going to go away, but if you remember your heart is ripping, to grow to be able to love more,

the healing process will become easier, lighter. Give yourself time to heal.

That is how you come

back stronger and able to love more. Allow the body to heal.

Don’t force the healing process. In the long run, it’s like putting

a bandaid on a broken leg. Give it the proper time and

attention it deserves.

No matter where you are in life, is there a part of your heart you need to heal?

Something or someone you need to forgive? Do it now, let go and go be free. Do you need some support and words of encouragement as your heart rips to heal, book your free 30-minute coaching session and let's do the healing process together.

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