Once upon a time, what story are you telling yourself?

The experience you have when you meet someone confident of themselves is unmistakable. Someone who seems to know all about who they are and where they come from. Someone who rocks all of who they are! It can get incredibly challenging when everyone around you seems to all have all the answers, like they have always had it all together. Remember this is your story, your quest and your journey. Allow those people, that rock it to inspire you not become an example of something you THINK you will never be. Let it be a reminder that anything is possible and you are responsible for your story.

The quest to find yourself doesn't always mean you are nursing a broken heart or going through a severe existential crisis. It is a daily journey and one that is meant to be lived and enjoyed along the way. At times something as trivial as pouring a cup of coffee or having a random dream one day can spark a never-ending curiosity, another layer of the onion pulled back. Reconnecting with yourself, and LOVING who you are can help you redesign your future with endless possibilities.

Experience the sense of accomplishment and contentment of knowing what you truly desire, what fulfills you, and where you want to be at years down the road. Finding yourself may seem like a vague and far-reaching concept, but it's honestly not that much of a complex process. Because unless you can't find your true self, how are you supposed to love every bit of yourself? Here’s a few questions today to ask yourself to simplify the process of finding your true self:

- What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

All of our behaviors and decisions reflect the tale we tell ourselves — the beliefs we've held since we were children. Either trying to win over the affection of someone you look up to or how you have been raised, it can be anything that drives our story to adulthood.

The first step in trying to discover yourself is to sit and think in the quiet.(Yes, the silence can be scary, but worth every moment) Embrace the kind of person you are when you are not with anything or anyone else but in your own company. It will help if you start seeing these thoughts that led you to become today’s person.

Remember, it is not always pretty to block out the noise from the outer world, but for inside you to flourish, you must not give up.

Pro tip: Meditation can be a great start.

- Dig in through your Value System!

Regardless of what you may believe, your yesterday doesn’t need to define your tomorrow. It can only impact your future to the point you let it do so. While it’s crucial to learn from the past, it’s up to you to decide what value system you want to derive from your history. And change it if you don’t like it.

Having a value system in today’s world is like your guiding star. What do you stand for, what lights you up? And another keynote to note is to determine whether these values come from a place of others’ perception of you. Because if so, then it can be a sign that your value system is limiting you instead of uplifting you, as it should.

- Embrace the Words of Positivity

People often find it hard to silence their thoughts and forget to navigate that it’s not as much about silencing the negative as it is about embracing the positive.

Be your own best friend.

As best friends, we support each other in every problematic situation giving them the courage to fight through by telling them how much we believe in them every second. How hard is it to do that for yourself? As you recognize the destructive patterns, empower yourself to accept and move forward.

Pro tip: Create one positive statement you can repeat over and over to rewire the negative thoughts.

- Play to Your Strengths

Once you free yourself of all the negative talk and unrealistic expectations of the world, you thrive in the new liberty. Go on and explore all your strengths; playing by them fills you with a newfound respect for yourself.

Dance, sing, paint, volunteer, hike, cook, do anything that fulfills you.

Manifest a life of purpose and contentment.

And remember it’s the story you are telling yourself that is creating this one life you have, so what do you want to create after

Once Upon A Time…

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