Marilyn Manson or June Carter Cash...

Updated: May 11

You run at 10hz and a power line runs at 60hz. Just stop and think about that…

It’s not some hippy phrase of raising your energy, it is a fact that we are electrical beings. So raise your energy AKA your voltage..raise your life.

The moon, your gut lining, bees, bacteria, soil, the earth's core all produce some sort of electric current, just to name a few. You are electricity and magnetism all wrapped up in that pretty little package we refer to as our physical self. Your cells are your electrical currency, even accompanied with little antennas, tuning into what you are listing to. (your thoughts and emotions) The surface of each cell membrane are cilia, these cilia house microtubules which are like tiny little antennas vibrating in response to incoming information from your environment.

So think of them like tuning to a certain radio station, and ask yourself what station am I listening to? Are you tuned to abundance, joy, love, success or are you tuned to I am not good enough, poor, unhappy, and negativity? It’s like listening to Marilyn Manson or June Carter Cash.

Have you ever noticed that when you feel depleted, negative, drained that even the little things take a bigger hit when something goes wrong? It’s like a battery, the lower it gets the faster it runs out of energy. Your body is doing the same thing when you are in a constant state of stress and overwhelm you are depleting your body's voltage. You run lower and lower until it is a crash and burn, or as some call rock bottom. Many times rock bottom or no voltage is a place to wipe the slate clean and start asking yourself the hard and good questions. Like what makes me happy, who am I, what do I want, what are my gifts and purpose? Here you can investigate what charges your battery what is going to make you more electric and magnetized to create the life you desire.

I don’t like that many of us have to hit rock bottom to begin to embrace who we are and what we want but time and time again, it seems as if it is a right of passage to happiness. It seems when you are at 0 voltage we finally take the time to do the work, to dive in. Many times we are given the signs and shown the direction but often ignore them until our backs are against the wall and then we can begin to see clearly and reenergize ourselves. I am not saying you have to hit rock bottom to achieve happiness, I just feel as this is what tends to light the spark to finally go I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. It is here we rise and live to our fullest potential.

You run low and you run high, you need “power” to live just like a battery. You need to charge your batteries to live your fullest life. So what depletes you and what energizes you?

As we know negative attacks are negative. Positive attacks positive. Remember the old phrase oh “bad things happen in 3’s” this is often because we are vibrating low, we are focused on the bad thing that happened, attracting more of it. It is that simple. It is physics it is the world we live in.

So if your electrical currency is filled with negative thoughts, emotions… I'm not good enough, I’m broke, I’m lonely, I’m sad, I’m angry, etc, etc… then your gonna get more of that bullshit.

Flip the coin.. abundance attracts abundance, love attracts love, money attracts money, happiness attracts happiness.

So think about it let this soak in and ask yourself what is my electrical currency?

What radio station are you playing Marilyn Manson or June Carter Cash?

And remember you literally are the stuff the stars are made of. You are electric.

The higher the voltage the stronger the force.

Even Einstein changed his mind on relativity and electricity…noting that one can not exist without the other.

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