Like A River....

So many times, we use or hear the phrase, “I want it to be easy” or “take it easy,” with the following thought of “ya, wouldn’t that be nice.” The truth is, it is supposed to be easy; we are the ones who make it difficult. I think we have misunderstood the word easy. Easy does not have to mean lazy or without growing pains or challenges. Easy is a way to approach life, a way of being, and enjoying the journey. Think about floating down a river, and how easy-going it is; yes, you will have some rocky parts, some parts where you get stuck to the river bed, or spiral in an eddy. You may even hit some pretty heavy rapids, but you know the whole journey down the river, the whole point is just that you are supposed to enjoy and let it be easy-going. When the rapids happen, you can remain in that calm, easy state of mind, knowing just like you, the river keeps moving, and being stuck to the river bottom or in the rapids won’t last forever. That is what easy is about.

The definition of easy includes: marked by peace and comfort, free from pain, annoyance, or anxiety, fitting comfortably: allowing freedom of movement.

Just like floating down the river.

Time and time again, we are told, life is hard, suck it up, blah, blah, blah. When the truth is, life is meant to be filled with peace and comfort and freedom of movement. Yes, there will be pain, but the real question is, how much of that pain do you create for yourself? Are you holding on to pain and resentment, anger, or victimization? Are you not forgiving and living in the past? Is it doing you any good?

I had a time when I felt like if I let go of my anger, past hurt, or regret, I would fall apart; I wouldn’t have the strength to keep going. It was like anger was the glue keeping me together; “protecting me” but all it was doing was suctioning me to that river bottom. There was no free-flowing movement, not comfort or peace in that place. I was making everything hard. Until I let it go, and when it was gone off I was ,floating down the river marked by peace and comfort, free from annoyance and anxiety. I tell you that point of view shift is a game-changer; it allowed me to let go of the concept that life is hard, work is hard, relationships are hard.

Instead, I now go, let it be was, what does this situation look like if it were easy? How can I make this easier? Not because I don’t want to work or be lazy but because life should be like a day floating down the river...

Filled with peace, comfort, and freedom of movement.

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