Let Your Free Spirit Thrive in this Beautiful World

What is really being free? How does it feel to you to be free, to set your spirit free?

How do you thrive?

Well, I don’t mean to send you spiraling down the rabbit hole of philosophical questions that will have you lost and wandering for days, well maybe just a little. More I am encouraging you to think, to be curious.

What sets you free? What are you living for?

What do you think of when you hear the word free-spirited?

Some might picture the raw and beautiful days of childhood, a weird but unseen individual that we know of, or simply someone who laughs at the littlest things and spreads smiles wherever they go.

To me free spirited is a craving for life, a desire to run free, and live to the fullest. Free spirited is unrestricted and well just that free.

The most intriguing part of freedom is that you don’t really need to quite understand what or who you need to be free of. You can simply bask in the newfound feeling of pure bliss and freed without the worldly burdens weighing you down. Everything that is deterring you from being your best self doesn’t need a label. You can be free right now.

Beside, it’s the labels that keep us stuck, it’s the labels that keep us locked in one box or another.

When you step out of those boxes and into freedom, just remember everyone may not agree with you. You may have some who resent embracing your authenticity. What might be liberating to you could be categorized as a certain crowd's lack of discipline, goal, or even signs of immaturity. Not everyone will relate to you and understand your new vision of life. The good news is it’s not up to them, your life is up to you…

So, if you’re a carefree, intuitive, real, and independent person who would instead flow with your wind, here’s how you can thrive in this majestic world we all live in:

  • Free spirits like to stay on the breezy side of things. They want to keep it fresh and don’t shy away from trying new experiences as they move along. However, they must refrain from giving in to the promises they know they can’t keep.

  • It's fundamental for free spirits to explore and leverage opportunities to navigate deeper elements of themselves as people who depend on adventure and exploration.

  • Surround yourself with like-minded free-kindred spirits. Most people might not get you, and even though you know how to block the trash talk, it helps you bloom when you are surrounded by people who share the same tendency as you.

  • Take out time to process your emotions. While free-spirited fellows are empathetic and kind, they often are used to ignoring their feelings or feeling ignored. Needless to say, not a very healthy pursuit. Partake in activities that help you stay connected to whatever you are feeling.

Stay grounded till the end, thrive the way you are and keep flying free.

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