Just do the next thing...

I am really good at finding a way out. A way to avoid and

run, like suddenly, I need to go to the grocery store, fold

laundry. Hell, I’ll even clean the bathroom, just to avoid

working on what I really want in life because I’m afraid of

what if it’s not good enough, what will people think?

When I think about that, it is so dumb. It just makes it so

my dreams take longer to come to life. I stop myself cold because

I’m afraid. What am I really afraid of, someone not

liking me, or what I do? Of being successful? It’s so dumb to

be afraid. I’m going to do The Next Th ing.

When we let go of worry, of judgment, all doors will

open. You will begin to show the world your gift s and live

freely. It’s like you finally begin to live.

So today, just do the next thing that sets you on your

path to the life you want. Not a life for anyone else. When

you start from the place of just doing the next thing, you

shift your energy. You open up to possibility. It’s like all of a

sudden you shout, “Yes! I am able, and I am going to just do

the next thing.” Micro-movements add up and quickly.

Today, just do the next thing.

Keep it simple and remember you don’t climb Everest in one step.

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