Is your life like a game of dodgeball...

Updated: May 11

Do you ever feel like your life is a game of dodgeball, you live by the phrase dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge? Sometimes life starts to feel that way, like balls are flying at you from every direction, it's how we handle them that is the ultimate question. What do you do when your feeling that way, are you shaken, or do you feel secure, stable, and supported? Or like you just want to run and hid, react or throw balls right back? (Trust me I am guilty)

If you feel like you are always in a game of Dodgeball sometimes the best thing you can do is slow down, regroup, and get grounded again. Being grounded down, knowing who you are and what you stand for helps make it easier to handle when life seems to be throwing balls at your face. Take a minute today to root down; ground down, feel your feet connect to the earth. So when you feel like you have dodgeballs being thrown at you, you can come back to that feeling of your own strength and support. To help feel this way take just a few minutes a day to stand up close your eyes, feel your feet on the earth, enjoy some nice big breaths and imagine roots coming out of the bottom of your feet, just like a tree tapping into the earth tap into your own root system.

Just like life, dodgeball can be a game of laughter and fun it can remind you of your inner child and your Olympic athlete. Or it can make you hide in the corner and not want to face anything that comes your way. (Like dodgeballs flying at your face) Or maybe you try to throw them right back. (Trust me this doesn't work) Either way, you have a choice on how you want to handle this magical game of life.

The truth is it is up to you how you handle the game of life. It is happening and all the time. But just like dodge ball, I have found it best to step back, know your opponent (yourself) and breathe. I am not saying this easy, I want to be the first to throw the ball, to get in the game and prove that I got this. I have found this causes more pain, I lose my footing and it takes me much longer to get back into the game. So if are feel like your life is a game of dodgeball, remember it's how you react to the game.... Not the game itself.

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