Beautiful War..

Beautiful means pleasing to the senses or mind aesthetically. While war means in old greek means, confusio

One of my favorite songs is “Beautiful War” by Kings of Leon. Since the first time I heard it, it’s how I often feel; it’s a beautiful war.

Many times we come to crossroads where life is a beautiful war. One filled with grenades, booby traps, confusion, and yet beauty. We have to figure out what is worth fighting for and what is worth letting go of. I think that is the biggest challenge. Which way is right, which is a distraction, and which is an opportunity? The best answer to this is to get still, get quiet and listen. The answers are often in front of us, yet we refuse to see them.

The best thing about crossroads is it allows you to take a seat and relax, breathe, and go in. To ask yourselves the questions you may not want to ask, like what do I really want, who am I, how do I want to show up in this world? Those answers often show up in that place of silence. The place you never want to visit because you are not sure if it is beautiful or if it is going to be a war. The place of 100% honestly and vulnerability.

When we think about a battlefield after a war, it often becomes a beautiful field. Which is the life cycle; we all come from the earth and return to the earth. We are what those beautiful fields are made of, all of it even the war. Most of us have many internal wars within ourselves, all different yet connected. We all crave happiness, peace, and connection, Yet we often let our war inside ourselves keep us from what we carve the most, to give love and be loved. Don’t let the internal battle inside keep you from the beauty; the beauty of life was meant for us to enjoy. Allow the beauty of confusion to become pleasing to your senses. As Kings of Leon say…

“I say, love, don’t mean nothing unless there’s something worth fighting for; it’s a beautiful war.”

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