A Letter to Thelma...

Updated: May 11

Do you ever wonder what it would be like for you to see yourself as other people see you? Complete, whole, a miracle, a work of pure magic…

This is a letter I wrote to my best friend a few weeks ago after we had a conversation saying “I wish you saw you as I see you”. So many times we become our own worst critics we forget to be our own coach. I am sharing this because I feel as if more people need to be reminded of their inner badass..or inner Thelma. Next time you get in your head, in your own way, see yourself how others see you and let go of that inner bullshit story. (And maybe put this letter in your mirror to remind you how amazing you are every day).

A letter to Thelma,

You are badass and I am so proud of you. I have watched you over the years and seen you break, grow, and most importantly fall in love with yourself. This is a letter so you know what it is like from the outside….

Yes, it didn’t go as planned and maybe you fucked up here and there. But who hasn’t? And if you hadn’t how could you be the person you are today? How would you know you want to grow, you want to be the best version of yourself? I have admired you for so long, you are strong and courageous. Your heart is as big and deep as the ocean. You are a mamma bear, a strong grizzle, a force of nature. I have seen your heart ripped in half and you pick up each piece and find the hope to put it back together, You have run, but you have always come home to yourself. I have seen you give when you have nothing to give. I have seen you love when you don’t even know if you believe in it anymore. You are the kind of person that will never give up. You have always made a way. I think it's time you remember that from the inside…

You are a fierce warrior, with the spirit of the mountains. Vast and wide never-ending, filled with life and color, rivers and valleys, love, hope, and dreams. You have scars no one will ever know about, some that never need to be revisited, that are now sutured and closed. Leave them be. You are an inspiration and a Northstar, don’t ever let anyone or anything tell you otherwise. I am proud of you, and no matter what always remember about your inner Thelma and to enjoy the whiskey in your coffee.

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