Are you ready..... 

Brokin Private Wellness Coaching 

Turn scars to stories.

Go from Feeling Broken(which your not)

to thriving with private coaching. 

Nikki Glandon is an International Best-Selling Author, host of the Whiskey in Your Coffee Podcast, wellness + growth mindset coach, and founder of the Brokin brand and Planting Seeds Co. Her raw, real down-to-earth coaching and programs will help you dig in and get unstuck so you can live with grit and grace to have a life you love waking up to!


and trust me I get it, and why I created Brokin. I was so sick of feeling broken, like I needed to be fixed. instead, I needed to love all of me, scars and all.  I’ve been there, so stuck, so unconfident, I lived from a place of “not good enough” until I choose to change it. To choose me, to find the grit, and keep on. To choose to be Brokin and comfy in my own skin just like a good ol' pair of Brokin boots or jeans. I coach and support you authentically no B.S. we will work together through the tough questions turning your scars into stories. Helping bring your dreams to life.


Imagine finally being confident and comfy in your own skin? What would your life look like then? 


“You’ve got to fall down before you fight back” 

-Bishop Briggs 

As a self-healing renegade herself Nikki blends together her psychology + wellness training, personal life experience, and grit mentality to provide clear and profound transformation in her clients. Whether you are struggling with a negative thought pattern, having difficulty with your soul's purpose, or need to move from feeling broken to Brokin (a new way of being), Nikki has a variety of scientific and holistic techniques to support your growth and transformation.


In the Self-Healing Renegade Private Coaching Program, Nikki will guide you in making long-term changes for your life by: 


  • Supporting you emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually to get you out of your own way and so you can thrive. 

  • Supporting you to fulfill your life purpose and embrace your story, scars and all. 

  • Visualize and implement strategies to improve your self-worth, confidence, and more, helping you create a life you love waking up to. 

  • Help create new habits, so you can create the life of your dreams

"To be a spiritual warrior, one must have a broken heart; without a broken heart and the sense of tenderness and vulnerability that is one's self and all others, your warriorship is untrustworthy.

-Chogyma Trungpa

What to expect on your 1-3 month journey..

When you become a client with Nikki as part of the Self-Renegade Program, you’ll receive the following: 


  1. One, 60-min goal and get to know you session to establish clarity, dive into your story,  your goals, and your ideal life. We will touch on what gets in your way and how we can change your scars (blockages) into empowering stories, so you can get moving forward and thriving.

  2.  (2) 60 min. 1:1 personalized coaching sessions, held every 2 weeks. Includes unlimited support (via email, voxer, Facebook® Messenger) between sessions. On your calls, we will check in on your goals and create a custom strategy so that you can move forward and instantly start seeing changes in your life. (1-3 month options available) 

  3. Customized tools and strategies that will support you, and will be molded to you. Life coaching is not a one size fits all shop.

  4. Access to digital downloads such as workbooks, webinars, and more so that you have the tools and tips to help you create the best and most meaningful transformation during your time.

  5.  Self- Renegade daily habits list, we will create a list of healthy, positive habits which add up to be your life so will begin to see the changes sooner. 95% of our behavior occurs out of habit so we have to change the habits to create the life you desire. 

  6. Access to Nikki via email, Voxer, or Facebook® Messenger for extra support between sessions for those days that you need a little extra boost or don’t “feel like diving in” (we will go deeper into this)

Are you ready to get rid of the B.S, find your grit, and create the life you desire?


Then this program is for you and if are 100%coachable  and committed to making the changes necessary to transform your life to become a Self-Healing Renegade


The self-renegade transformative process will look something like the steps listed below:


Clarify your intentions and goals,  and "your why" or what is your motivation for the changes you seek in your life. We will dive more into "what's your why"? 

We will sort through all the B.S and low-level beliefs that hold you back. 

Evaluate, set, and achieve new goals to support your overall self-healing renegade journey and help create the life you desire to live.

Dive into the commitment of your life journey and what steps you are willing to choose to live a life you love to wake up to. With Nikki's support the whole way. (It's always easier if someone has your back) 

Give you tools and tips to release the victim mentality and become the self-healing renegade you are. 

Tap into “your story” what B. S. have you told yourself for years that is holding you back.

Changing your scars to powerful healing stories. 

Determine areas for growth and customize the approach to meet your unique needs. Giving your the proper tools and outlets for the best growth for you. Once again coaching is not one size fits all. 

Are you ready to change your life once and for all?  

Because the moment you decide everything begins to change...

Change your habits.. change your life

95% of our behavior occurs out of habit


Sometimes digging in to do the work requires grit. 

Nikki will be your coach when you need a partner to hold you accountable to achieve what you desire. 


She will be your wingwoman when you're ready to get creative and strategize to create and manifest the life you desire. Supporting you the whole way. 

GOt your back

She will have your back and lift you up because let's face it, doing the work and finding your grit is uncomfortable but life changing. 


She will celebrate all of the fantastic milestones you experience our your self-healing renegade journey. From beginning to end she will teach you all the tools and tips possible to help you create the life you love! As well as have extra support through Voxer or FB messenger.