Welcome to a new way to be,
a new way to live...Brokin and all! 
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Hi, I'm Nikki, best-selling author of Whiskey in Your Coffee, wellness coach, taco expert, and avid red wine drinker. If I am not creating new content, writing, reading about wellness, biophilia, or studying psychology you'll find me on the back of a horse, or in the mountains, and trust me I get it...

I have felt broken beyond repair, like Humpty Dumpty's men could never put me back together again. The good news, they didn’t, because I DID. I had a choice and we always have a choice, to stay broken or to change all of our scars to thriving empowering stories.

The choice to begin is up to you, but once you do your life will change forever.  

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What is Brokin?

   To me, Brokin is natural and how we all are. We all have been through something, no matter the severity of it. When you make it through is when you grow, when you get comfier in your own skin, when you learn to love yourself. That's when you realize you are Brokin, that your scars are stories and you're just like your favorite boots Brokin and comfier in your own skin. 
   Brokin is about changing the stigma of mental health, helping you learn tools to live your best life possible, and provide you with the recourses you need in the rough times.
The mission of Brokin is to share the tools I know, and remind you you're not broken, that we all have our moments, Brokin is here to support you and change the stigma of mental health.

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