Turn scars to stories. Create the life you desire. Be comfortable being you. 

 Hi, I'm Nikki founder of Brokin and author of the best-selling book Whiskey in your Coffee, 

And trust me I get it... 

  I have felt broken beyond repair, like Humpty Dumpty's men could never put me back together again.  I have struggled for years with anxiety, depression, body image, and self-worth.  But I am here to tell you, you can overcome it all and I am here to support you along the way.  I wrote Whiskey in your Coffee and started this blog to share stories tools and tips on how to beat your own battles and get you out of your own way.  


I had a choice and we always have a choice,

to stay broken or to change all of our

scars to thriving empowering stories. 

The choice to begin is up to you, but once you do your life will change forever.  

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Turn scars to stories.
Be comfortable being you. 
Create the life you desire. 

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What people say about Nikki and Whiskey in your Coffee.

Aloha Nikki!!! I just wanted to send you a Big Mahalo!! I read your book on my lanai in the mornings when I have coffee Just wanted to tell you how helpful your words have been & that I am Grateful 💕🙏💕

Want to thank you as always your book is there when I need it spur of the moment. I read a page it is always a reminder of who I am. Thanks for sharing you are the best!  

-Shannon W.

-Barb. R

Holy shit Nikki! I only read to page 6 and I got all the feels and had to stop and tell you can help a lot of people with these words... well-done love.

Rachel G. 

Hello, my friend. Wanted to share with you a quick story. Sent my mom your book, she read the story about your singing and loved it! So the next Sunday at Church she sang as loud as she could, even though she can't carry a tune at all. (Take it from me she can't, lol) she thought of you and said she felt so great just singing! ❤️❤️

Linda W.

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